Amazon Zocalo File Sharing Cloud Storage Platform Now Available To AWS Subscribers

Hot on the heels of Dropbox making some major improvements to its Pro and Business accounts - both with regards to storage and pricing - Amazon has decided to expedite the public debut of its Zocalo cloud storage service. This enterprise-targeted offering was first unveiled last month, and is designed as a scale-up service where storage cost isn't based on the individual users, but rather the aggregate of the entire account.

Amazon prices its Zocalo service at $5 per user, with each having access to 200GB worth of cloud storage. Given that pricing, it'd be sensible to believe that 1TB beyond that would be priced at about $25, but that's not the case; instead, it's priced at $30 for the first terabyte, and at $27.5 per terabyte if the aggregate storage surpasses 5,000TB (5 petabyte) per month.

One of Zocalo's best features is that the account is billed based on storage used. If the administrator has set an aggregate max of 5TB, for example, but only 3TB is actually used, then the company will be billed for just 3TB. It goes without saying, this kind of billing is very fair.

It should also be noted that Amazon WorkSpaces users automatically receive 50GB worth of free storage through Zocalo, and for a discounted rate of $2/mo, that can be bumped to 200GB.

As Zocalo targets the enterprise user, it features a number of important administrative features, as well as advanced sync, mobile, and Web access. Like any other cloud storage service, users will be able share their files with others. Further, users will also be able to collaborate with others on documents, which includes being able to leave comments on a per-file basis.

Should your business be interested in taking Zocalo for a test drive before committing to it, Amazon's offering an impressive 30-day free trial that can include up to 50 users.