Amazon Says "Stay Tuned" Regarding Tablet Announcement

Is Apple planning to go toe-to-toe with yet another company in the tablet business? There's nothing confirming as much just yet, but it sounds like Amazon may be next in line. The company's Kindle has done well in the e-reader market, very well, in fact. But that might not be enough. Amazon's reportedly thinking of doing yet another piece of hardware: a tablet.

Based on a report from Consumer Electronics, CEO Jeff Bezos has noted that we should "stay tuned" when seeking information about a possible Amazon tablet. The line came during a lengthier interview about all manners of things, but that one nugget is obviously the most interesting to focus on.

When asked about any specific tablet plans, Bezos said: "We will always be very mindful that we will want a dedicated reading device." When probed about "other" product introductions: "In terms of any other product introductions, I shouldn’t answer."

But in way, he just answered. Companies very rarely foreshadow things that simply aren't true. If Amazon had no plans whatsoever to make a tablet, we suspect Jeff Bezos would've said as much. As it stands, you have to start wondering what the device will look like. How it'll run. What apps it'll use. What OS will it use. Amazon has shown with the Kindle that they understand how to make good hardware; now, the only question is how soon can they launch a tablet to compete with the quickly expanding market?