Amazon Reportedly Testing Its Own Wireless Network in Apple's Backyard

Quite some time ago, rumors flared that Apple may have been testing the waters of providing its own wireless network for iPhone use. Obviously, it managed to cut deals with a number of existing mobile operators instead, but it appears that Amazon may be thinking differently. A new Bloomberg report suggests that Amazon has "tested a new wireless network that would allow customers to connect its devices to the Internet." Reportedly, the network was tested in Apple's own backyard (Cupertino, California), with Globalstar satellites used in testing.

Amazon has branched out in many ways of late, and this may be its first ecosystem play in getting even more individuals connected to its services. If Amazon acted as an ISP or a portal, it could then control the experience. Google has obviously done likewise with its Project Loon efforts as well as Google Fiber, but this would be new ground for Amazon.

Of course, the company is a major player in the video streaming sector, and it clearly benefits from having more individuals connected to the Web. It's still unclear how exactly this would pan out, but we're impressed that such a thing is undergoing testing.