Amazon Prime Now Kicks Off Midnight 'Special Release' Deliveries With Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Attending midnight releases for popular video games has become somewhat of a tradition in recent years, though not everyone enjoys the experience of trucking out in the cold (I live in the mid-west folks, and yes, it's chilly this time of year) to stand in a long line. Amazon understands your plight and, depending on where you live, is offering midnight delivery for Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

Well, it's sort of midnight delivery. The way is works is you have to be a Prime member and place your order using Amazon's Prime Now app. Amazon will be accepting delivery reservations at midnight (Eastern time) on Wednesday, November 4 -- at that point, you'll be able to choose a special delivery window, select additional items (maybe you need a memory card and some energy drinks, too), and place your pre-order for the game's release at midnight November 6.

Amazon says there's limited availability within each 2-hour delivery window, so if you want the game as quick as possible, be ready late Tuesday night when the clock gets ready to flip over to midnight.

Black Ops III

"Why wait in lines on release night when we’ll bring Call of Duty: Black Ops III right to your door? We’re making it easy for hardcore gamers to download the app, reserve a coveted delivery window for midnight delivery and sit back while the game comes right to their doors. Our Prime customers will be on their way to ranking up before they know it, and all without having to leave the comfort of their house," said Stephenie Landry, Amazon’s worldwide director of Prime Now. "We love offering exclusive opportunities for our Prime members and the gaming community, and now they can get the most anticipated game of the year, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, moments after it is released."

Sorry people of Kalamazoo, Michigan, and Mendon, Massachusetts, you're not invited to Amazon's midnight release party. The same goes for almost every other location in the United States.

So, who is invited? Prime Now is currently offered in Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Miami, Minneapolis, Orange County, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle.