Amazon Patents Lightweight, Translucent Kindle Device That Never Needs Charging

Amazon has plenty of experience building quality, light-weight displays, thanks to the Kindle. So, it’s not too surprising that Amazon is working on an advanced display – but what will make you do a double-take is just how advanced this display is: it looks like the thing will never need charging and will be thin (and translucent) enough to be embedded in car windows. Intrigued yet?

The Primary Station will be the device that handles the heavy lifting and then transmits everything, including power, to the remote display. Image credit: Amazon, USPTO

It’s too soon to know exactly what Amazon has up its sleeve, and the company is trying to keep its cards close to its chest, but it has to show the world one of those cards recently when it filed a patent for a “remote display system.” The unit will likely be made up of two pieces: the display itself, and the primary station, which will be responsible for wirelessly transmitting data and power to the display. According to the patent, there may be more than one primary station feeding data and/or power to the remote display.

So, how big will the primary station be? That probably will depend on the purpose of the device. There's plenty of room for a sizable primary station in a car, but that changes when Amazon goes to link a PS with a remote display in glasses. Image credit: Amazon, USPTO

As Me and My Kindle notes, probably the most exciting thing about this patent is where that display is likely appear. Section 15 of Amazon’s patent lists car windshields and wearable glasses as places that might hold the display. In both cases, the display “is at least partially transparent.” Sounds like Google Glass is about to get some noteworthy competition.