Amazon Opens Dash Button Program To All Prime Members, Expands Product Offering To 29 Brands

Imagine you've just finished doing your business in the bathroom only to find an empty roll of toilet paper. It's at that point an unsettling fact dons on you -- you forgot to pick up another package of rolls when you were at the store. Uh oh, spaghetti-o! This unfortunate situation can be avoided with Amazon's Dash Button program, which incidentally is now open to all Prime Members.

If this is the first you're hearing of Amazon Dash, it's a way for you to reorder select products through Amazon with the press of a button. The labeled button is a Wi-Fi connected device that, once you configure and connect to your wireless network, will automatically place an order for the product it's tied to whenever you press the button.

Amazon Dash

You can place these buttons wherever they're convenient. For example, there's a Tide button you can affix to your washing machine. When you find yourself getting low on detergent, just press the button and you'll receive a new supply in a couple of days.

The program was previously only available to Prime Members by invite only, but now all Prime Members can give it a go. Amazon also expanded the number of brands and product categories -- there are now 29 brands participating in the program with more than 500 products to choose from. Some of the new brands and items include Ice Breakers Mints, Hefty Trash and Storage Bags, Ziplock, and Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100 Percent Whey Protein.

Yes, you do have to purchase these buttons, which cost $4.99 a pop. To help soften the blow, Amazon says it will refund $4.99 to participating Prime Members after they make their first button purchase.