Amazon 'Dash' Wi-Fi Buttons Enable Instant Reorders For Detergent, Razors, And Diapers

I'll preface this by saying that while this sounds like an April Fools' joke, it's not.

Over the years, Amazon has rolled-out a number of different mechanics that have made it easier for people to place orders from the service, but with its new 'Dash Button', I think the company has proven that there's no such thing as people being "too lazy".

Doing laundry and notice you're critically low on Tide? Click the Dash button you've conveniently affixed to your washing machine. Finished doing your business in the washroom and notice you're out of toilet paper? That's a bad situation, but push that Dash button next to the empty holder, and you'll get a fresh pack of bog rolls, stat. Fed little Jimmy his last Spongebob Easy Mac? You get the picture.

Amazon Dash Button

Currently in a beta stage, Amazon Dash will give 3 free buttons to Prime members, allowing them to place them around their house, ready to be associated with certain products. I've already given some examples above, but Amazon sells many products that can be used with Dash. It seems likely that after the feature is fully rolled-out, the company would allow you to purchase additional buttons, so that you could fully kit your house out.

What's unclear to me at this point (even after reading through the site) is whether or not you'd be able to tie multiple products to a single Dash button. For example, if you run out of spaghetti, you might have also run out of spaghetti sauce - a Dash button would prove more useful in this case if products could be grouped.

I am sure details like that will be fleshed out further as time goes on. For now, just relish the fact that this actually exists, and if you happened to have received an email from Amazon inviting you to join the beta, let us know!

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