Amazon Offers Up PlayStation 4 "Launch Day Bundles"

Still on the hunt for a PlayStation 4 pre-order that's not already "sold out?" Amazon has you covered. As these things typically go, the spoils go to those who pull the trigger early on, and it seems that many retailers and e-tailers have already had their initial allotments snapped up by early pre-orders. But now, here come the bundles. Most folks loathe these things, mostly because they strong-arm you into buying more than you really want, and oftentimes, they include games or accessories that you aren't exactly fired up about.

That said, Amazon has now listed a number of "Launch Day bundles," which do cost $60-$100 more than the baseline $399 console... but at least they'll be available on launch day. The Battlefield 4 bundle isn't a bad bet for those who dig that type of gameplay, while the Knack bundle is the cheapest as it doesn't bundle in a yearly pass to PlayStation Plus.

Willing to pay a little more to be sure you're equipped on Day Zero? Show Amazon your credit card, then.