Amazon Puts Up $1 Million Bounty For Alien Footage Captured On Ring Doorbells

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Coming almost out of left field, Amazon is generously offering a $1 million bounty for the next legit footage of extraterrestrials taken with a Ring device. I want to believe, but there's something more than meets the eye here.

Ring recently announced a contest offering $1 million to anyone who submits any alien footage captured on their Ring device. Of course, Ring will need to determine the authenticity of the footage before doling out the winner's prize. Digging into the contest description and guidelines a little more, however, we found some (hilarious) hints that this contest, called "Out of this World," is part of a large marketing promotion for the Halloween season. In fact, the entire contest page reads more like an April Fool's prank.

Ring users (and the aliens) only have between October 4 to November 3 to capture (and be captured) to qualify, which is right smack in Halloween month. Once Ring users believe they've gotten the winning footage, they'll need to upload their own "Scientific Evidence of the Extraterrestrial" form. Entrants are also amusingly reminded that, "No extraterrestrials or other living creature or organism to be harmed in any way in the fulfillment of this promotion," otherwise it could lead to immediate disqualification.

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For those who fail to have a real alien show up at their house during that time, there are also consolation prizes for the best extraterrestrial costumes, accessories, props, and makeup. Winners apparently have a chance to win a $500 Amazon gift card for their efforts.

Ultimately, we think this promotion is more about the gift cards than the million dollar pot, not to mention that it is a subtle way of encouraging Ring camera sales. If—and that's a big if—someone does come forward with legitimate extraterrestrial footage, it does sounds like Ring will seriously cough up the handsome prize money.

The "Out of this World" campaign period runs from October 4 until November 3 and the entry form can be found here (which is currently down as of this writing).