Amazon Sends Out Cryptic Email Admitting It Leaked Customer Name And Emails

When a mistake is made at a giant technology company like Microsoft, Apple, or Amazon, customers expect them to disclose not only how the breach happened, but what they did to fix it. Amazon has sent out cryptic emails to some of its customers that at first glance seemed a bit off and possibly scammy.

amazon echo

The email received by one Amazon UK customer, which can be seen below, starts off stating that "our website inadvertently disclosed your name and email address due to a technical error." The email doesn't explain what exactly the technical error was but does note that the error has been fixed. Amazon is also clear that the leak of information had nothing to do with something the customer did, and that there was no need to change passwords or take other action.

amazon mail

Since Amazon offered no details on exactly how the information was leaked, some customers aren't feeling comfortable at all with the situation. Another oddity is that the email received by the customers doesn't mention them by name and doesn't offer any method to ask for more information. Skeptical Amazon users might have thought that this was some sort of phishing attack, but there is no method of clicking through to a page where an attacker might try to steal personal information.

Confused Amazon customers have been posting to the Amazon forums to inquire about the issue. Amazon issued a very short statement to BetaNews that said, "We have fixed the issue and informed customers who may have been impacted." That presumably means if you didn't receive the curious email, you weren't impacted.

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