Amazon Fresh Grocery Delivery Service Is Being Scaled Back In Nine States

Amazon Fresh has been delivering groceries to people in many states for quite a while now, freeing many from the usual trek to the grocery store. The service was never broadly rolled out and was only available in a handful of states. A report has surfaced that things may not be going well with Amazon Fresh. Emails were received from the company by customers in five states last week informing them that the delivery service will be closing in certain neighborhoods later this month.

amazon fresh

Emails were received by some Amazon Fresh customers in parts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and California, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Virginia advising customers of the suspension of service. Reports indicate that some residents in large cities like LA and Philadelphia received notices as well. An Amazon spokeswoman confirmed that Fresh delivery is coming to an end in parts of the mentioned states.

However, the rep was clear that Amazon Fresh delivery service would continue in big cities like New York City, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, and LA among others. The rep also states that the changes in delivery services had nothing to do with the purchase of Whole Foods. The purchase of Whole Foods was viewed by some as a result of the difficulties that Fresh had in growing its grocery business.

Amazon Fresh has been around for about ten years in some areas and requires customers to be a Prime member, which costs $99 per year. On top of that membership, the customers also must pay a $14.95 monthly fee. Subscribers can then choose from a selection of fresh, frozen, and other items that are delivered the same day if an order is placed in the morning.

The Amazon spokeswoman offered no information on if the services in the suspended areas might open again in the future. Amazon Fresh has started pickup locations in Seattle where people go and pick up their grocery items -- Walmart and other major grocery chains also have similar services.