Amazon Fire Phone Update Brings Multitasking, Better Battery Life and More

Amazon’s Fire smartphone is receiving a software update this week, and it’s bringing several new features and improvements that customers are sure to welcome. At the top of that list: improved battery life. The fix is the results of multiple tweaks to Fire OS to improve battery conservation.

Another important feature is Quick Switch, which is something that most smartphones already support in one way or another. Quick Switch lets you swap running apps by double-pressing the Home button. You can use the feature to stop running apps, too, which is handy.

The Fire phone, which has been at Amazon's #1 selling spot, received an update that will appeal to its growing fan base.
The Fire smartphone, running Amazon Maps.

Other features include support for sharing videos via MMS and email and a lenticular photo tool that now uses 11 photos instead of three to create the image. And, the app grid now lets you create folders for your apps.

If you have an Amazon Fire smartphone, all you need to do to get the update is wait. The phone should download and install the update automatically. You can check to see if you have the latest version by swiping down and then tapping Settings, Device, Install System Updates. You should see Fire OS 3.5.1 listed. If an older version appears here, tap Check Now and you’ll be in business.