Amazon Fire Phone Now Available For $189 Unlocked With Free Year Of Prime

The Fire Phone has been a disaster for Amazon, with initial reviews panning its gimmicky 3D interface and its high price of entry compared to more established players in the smartphone market. In addition, the fact that the smartphone runs a forked version of Android means that Google apps that many of us take for granted like Gmail, Maps, and YouTube aren’t even available to use.

Amazon already has plans in place to get its Research and Development division back on track for future hardware launches, but in the mean time, the company is advertising a pretty hot deal on the Fire Phone. Amazon is now offering the 32GB version of the phone, unlocked, for just $189. And we also have to consider that you get a free year of Amazon Prime with the device. So depending on how you want to look at it, you could say you’re getting a decently spec’d, unlocked GSM smartphone for $89 to go along with your year of Amazon Prime.

FirePhone D Maps Yelp

The price is definitely tempting, but you have to ask yourself if the low price of entry is worth being locked into Amazon’s ecosystem when it comes to apps? I have a 7” Amazon Fire HDX that gets passed around between my son, my wife, and myself. Since it’s not a device that I use on a daily basis, the use of Fire OS doesn’t really bug me that much. However, being limited to what I can and cannot install on a more personal device, a smartphone, and dealing with the Fire OS UI everyday would truly bug the heck out of me.

For those that don’t have a problem with it let your finger do the movin’ and grab this deal before it vanishes.