Facepalm As Amazon Ships Precious AMD Ryzen 9 5900X CPU In A Soft Pack Envelope – Doh!

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This year, the supply of various technology items has been struggling to meet the incredible demand from consumers. People are generally stuck inside with money to burn and time to kill, and a new console or PC is just the ticket to keeping busy for a while. A reddit user who goes by the name McChickenBorn decided it was time to upgrade his PC with a hard to obtain AMD Ryzen 9 5900X CPU. However, when it arrived, the CPU box was absolutely mangled due to it being shipped in a soft-pack envelope, oops!

Getting new bits for a computer can be incredibly exciting unless it comes damaged, which is a significant letdown. Moreover, it is incredibly disappointing when it is hard to get your hands on the tech in the first place. McChickenBorn was lucky enough, however, to order a Ryzen 9 5900X from Amazon, but just look at the condition it arrived in below:
That destruction is both a sin against technology and heartbreaking for the nerds among us (myself included). When you go and drop around $550 on a product, you would expect it to be “handled with care,” but that clearly was not the case. According to McChickenBorn, it was shipped via UPS from Amazon.com Services LLC from Seattle to New York in the soft-pack envelope. He claims that the CPU was about to fall out, but it was thankfully not damaged inside its box. How that CPU box looks reminds me of the Gus Johnson skit about how USPS delivers packages, but it is really applicable to every carrier out there.

Ultimately, that kind of damage to the CPU retailmbox could have been prevented by proper packaging within a shipping a box rather than a padded envelope. McChickenBorn spoke to an Amazon representative, and they claimed that “they would escalate the feedback to the warehouse,” so hopefully, this type of destruction will not happen in the future.