Amazon Debuts Wearable Technology Store

If there’s ever a sign that a product segment is gaining traction, it’s when Amazon rolls out a store for it, which is what has occurred today with Amazon’s new Wearable Technology store.

Billed as “a one-stop shop where customers can easily discover the latest in wearable technology and research wearable devices including activity trackers, smart watches, wearable cameras and more,” the store is populated with familiar brands such as Samsung and GoPro as well as lesser-known entities including Basis, Misfit, Narrative, and Bionym.

Amazon Wearable Technology store

The store includes a “learning center” where customers can look through buying guides and videos. On the main page of the store, you’re greeted by four big sections: New & Featured Products, Featured Brand, Editor’s Corner (where Amazon will post news items and reviews), and Coming Soon.

The experience is pretty standard fare for Amazon, but it’s hard to deny that having all those wearables in one place is rather enticing.