Amazon Allows Your Appliances To Order Supplies Automatically With Dash Replenishment

Amazon has really made it easy for customers to order all of their needed home consumables with Dash buttons. With a simple press, you can instantly reorder items from Slim Jims to detergent to pet food to Red Bull. However, through its new Amazon Dash Replenishment Service, you won’t even have to lift a finger to reorder supplies for supported internet-connected devices.

Manufacturers whose smart appliances interface with the new Dash Replenishment APIs can automatically place a supplies order through Amazon. So, imagine if your washing machine with its own built-in detergent tank is near empty; it would automatically reorder for you. Or what if the PUR filter in your refrigerator is close to the end of its useful life? Dash Replenishment has you covered there as well.

amazon box

“More and more customers are experiencing the magic of automatic reordering with Dash Replenishment. They avoid the hassle of tracking their household stock of essentials like dishwasher detergent, printer ink, and water filters—when they’re about to run out, Amazon automatically delivers a package to their doorstep,” said Daniel Rausch, Director of Amazon Dash.

“We’re delighted by the momentum of the program and the feedback we’re hearing from device makers and developers—Dash Replenishment is simple to integrate and brings an innovative new customer benefit and business model to their connected devices.”

Two new products that have been announced that are Dash Replenishment-enabled include the Whirlpool Smart Dishwasher (available next month) and PUR Ultimate Faucet Filtration System (available today). Other partners include GeniCan, Honeywell, WePlenish and Nestle.

To help build some excitement around the Dash Replenishment Service and its supporting APIs, Amazon is encouraging developers to “create something that helps advance the vision of automatic or low-friction replenishment.” Developers can enter the challenge by visiting this site, and the grand prize will be a 27-inch Apple iMac 5K.