Amazon Cyber Monday Device Deals Are Live Now On Echo, Fire TV, Eero And Ring Products

Ring Video Doorbell
Worried about an opportunistic thief stealing your delivered packages while you are away at work? I've previously suggested building a moat and filling it with lava, but if that is too much work, setting up am armed sentry is another option. But again, there could be legal issues there. So another route is a Ring Video Doorbell, which is one of several hardware devices marked down at Amazon for Cyber Monday.

That's right, Black Friday is over and we have now transitioned to Cyber Monday. And let's be real, the deals will not end on Monday, as this has become a seasonal thing. As it applies to the Ring Video Doorbell, you can get the latest 2020 model for $69.99 at Amazon (save $30 - 30% off). It offers easy installation with the included mounting tools, and records in 1080p for a clear view of who it is at your door. It also works with Alexa-enabled devices, which provides a perfect segue into this Echo Show 8 deal...

The Echo Show 8 is half off right now, priced at $64.99 at Amazon (save $65 - 50% off). Among other things, you can view your Ring Video Doorbell feed on this device's 8-inch HD display. Talk about a high-tech lifestyle—in the old days, we had to get off our backsides, tiptoe to the door, and mash our face against it to peer through the peephole.

Beyond seeing who is at the door and communicating with them, the Echo Show 8 is a great way to stay in contact with distant family members and friends, particularly right now, as we find ourselves staying holed up inside. You can also use it as a kitchen aid—look up recipes on YouTube or wherever and follow along the step-by-step instructions—and to control your smart home using your voice. Good stuff.

Cyber Monday Deals On Amazon's Eero Mesh Router, Echo And Fire Devices, And More

Amazon Fire TV Cube

One good thing about staying holed up in the house is it gives you an excuse to watch TV more than you usually might. And I've got to say, streaming services have picked up their game with some delightful shows and services. If you happen to be an HBO Max subscriber, The Flight Attendant starring Kaley Cuoco from Big Bang Theory fame is worth checking. On Netflix, The Queen's Gambit seems to be well liked (I've not watch it myself...yet).

It's also an excuse to splurge on a streaming device. Amazon's Fire TV Cube is marked down to $79.99 (save $40 - 33% off). This is more powerful than your standard streaming stick. It has a hexa-core processor and 16GB of storage (Amazon's Fire TV Stick devices have quad-core processors and 8GB of storage), full Ethernet support, and can play videos at up to 4K with support for all of the major HDR standards (HDR, HDR 10, HDR10+, HLG, and Dolby Vision).

If none of these float your dingy, check out these other Amazon devices that are currently on sale for Cyber Monday...
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