Say What Again! How To Enable Samuel L. Jackson And Other Celebs On Amazon Echo

Sam Jackson Alexa 708px

Alexa is quite the ubiquitous digital assistant living inside Amazon smart speakers, TVs, and other products. Alexa can help users with all sorts of tasks, from setting reminders to turning lights on and off. Some don't care for the default Alexa voice, but Amazon luckily gives you the option to change it with celebrity voices.

Some of the celebrity voices can do more than others. The Jimmy Fallon voice is free and uses his voice to playback the nightly monologue from the show along with the weekly thank you notes. Fallon's voice can also tell fans of the show what guests are scheduled to appear, and on devices with screens, video is included.

Amazon has a Historical Voices skill, which isn't a voice for Alexa per se, but can playback over 100 clips from historical leaders. Users can ask for a list of all historical voices included in the skill within the skill. Some of the key voices in this skill include JFK, Bill Gates, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and a bunch of former presidents and other world leaders.

The coolest of the new voices for Alexa is Samuel L. Jackson. We talked about that voice on Friday, and during the introductory period, Sam can be yours for 99 cents. After the introductory period, it will cost $5.

Those needing an Alexa-powered smart speaker to enjoy these voices on can get a deal right now with a device for 99 cents if you sign up for a month of Amazon Music Unlimited. That music service can be canceled during the first month, and the Echo Dot is yours for under a dollar.

The Amazon Echo 3rd gen device is on sale for $79.99 right now and could be to you in time for Christmas. That is a discount of $20 off the normal $99 price tag.

Those wanting to see video can get the Echo Show 5 with a $30 discount right now, making it $59.99.

Enabling these voices is as easy as logging into your account, searching for them on Amazon, buying the skill if there is a cost, and then enjoying the voice.