Albatron PX925X Pro, Corsair XMS Xpert, Blue-Ray Editorial and Radeon X800XL

Happy Friday everyone, the weekend is about to get started.  This morning we have a good lineup of reading for you from great looking Albatron mobo to a thoughtful editorial on Blue-Ray technology.  You better get started, there's some good reading here.

Albatron PX925X Pro @ Viper Lair:

"Throughout all the testing the Albatron PX925X Pro didn't falter once, and let's face it, if your motherboard isn't stable, then nothing you do will make the whole system stable. Standard performance was up there with all the other 925 based boards we have seen, and even put in a few impressive memory and content creation scores higher than expected (nothing you would see except in a benchmark but higher none the less). "

Corsair's XMS Xpert memory modules @ The Tech Report:

"Some of you will probably be turned off immediately by the combination of these two elements, practical people that you are. I feel your pain. In between the quality RAM and the light show, however, is the Xpert's ace in the hole: a microcontroller that monitors conditions on the DIMM and reports them back to the user, either via the LED marquee or Corsair's monitoring software. This additional capability makes the Xpert DIMMs a little something more than just a flashy curiosity, though they are definitely that."

Blue-ray technology Editorial @ The Tech Zone:

"The movie industry wants high def and the consumer electronics industry wants high def. Movie people want it because if you want to copy a movie across the Internet today you "can" do it. Okay it takes 2-3 hours to accomplish but it is possible. To do the same in high def would require 8-10 yours. In addition, the new formats - HD DVD and Blue-ray - are being designed at the outset with stronger digital rights management so making copies will be more difficult."

Sapphire Radeon X800 XL @ Bjorn3D:

"MSRP of $299, huh? Yeah, right. That's a joke! Big time! I like to think of MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price) as the high point when it comes to actual retail pricing. Video cards prove that wishful thinking wrong all the time, but ATi's new kid on the block - the X800 XL - is selling for much higher than its announced MSRP. We all knew this card would rock (or rather violently shake) the successful NVIDIA 6800 GT boat if it really hit streets at $300. That's not happening though...try adding $100 to the MSRP. What was looking like a dead-on, hands-down lock for best-bang-for-the-buck glory is now on a more even playing field."

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