Albatron K8SLI, CrossFire vs SLI vs 16X SLI, Tyan Tiger K8WE and More!

Albatron nForce4 K8SLI @ Bjorn3D:

"Sometimes us reviewer tend to forget that not everyone have the money to buy one of the latest and fastest cards available. Instead of a GeForce 7800GT or GeForce 7800GTX many instead have opted for cheaper, but yet capable, GeForce 6600GT. But what if you have one of those and want to in a cheap way increase the graphics performance? NVIDIA has the solution with SLI. Pop in a second card and in theory get double the performance. Today I am looking at one of the cheaper SLI-capable motherboards on the market, the K8SLI from Albatron. "

Dual Graphics Card Showdown: CrossFire vs SLI vs 16X SLI:

"We compare using the X850XT PE in CrossFire mode versus SLI 7800GTs on the nForce 4 SLI, and the new nForce 4 16X SLI. We look for performance differences between the SLI setups, and against CrossFire. We also investigate CrossFire modes looking at performance for AFR mode versus the default modes of Scissor and Supertiling. To do this we use the following OpenGL and Direct3D benchmarks. 3DMark2K5, Doom 3, Quake 4, F.E.A.R., FarCry, and Half Life 2. We are particularly interested in which games support the faster AFR mode, and what happens to performance when they do not."

Tyan Tiger K8WE Dual Opteron Motherboard @ GamePC Labs:

"The new Tiger board is designed to take the core functionality of Tyan's high-end Thunder K8WE board, but stuff it into a standard ATX form factor design. The results are impressive, to say the least. Quad-core processing, 24 GB of RAM, SATA-II storage, and SLI graphics, all in a motherboard which can fit into a mid-tower case. We also tested performance of this new board against Tyan's more expensive Thunder K8WE and Asus's K8N-DL dual Opteron platforms. "

Corsair XMS PC-3500LL Pro 2GB Kit Review @

"Those with a good eye will notice that the XP-90C heatsink in this picture is mounted upside-down. The heatspreaders make these modules too tall to fit under the fins and in the dimm slots. Thankfully, it just barely cleared my videocard when mounted upside down, and I was able to fit the modules without issue. This is something everyone should be aware of."


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