Albatron GeForce 9800 GX2 Nudies From CeBIT

The CeBIT 2008 show is Germany's version of our CES, or Taiwan's Computex, only with a little wienerschnitzel thrown around and some Helles to wash it down; you get the idea.  As with many shows like these, lots of inside info is released and as yet announced products are often shown behind closed doors and sometimes even openly with a pause and a "oops" afterwards as if to say, they really didn't mean to do that.  In that vein this morning, Albatron steps up and tips their skirt in our general direction with this...


Though typically we would offer that we can neither confirm nor deny that these are in fact pictures of Albatron's upcoming GeForce 9800 GX2, it's just a little obvious on the box branding what we're looking at here.  Sorry, there no specs or performance numbers that we can share with you yet but since these shots are public information now and there are more than a few over at the show spilling their pilsner over various AIB partner offerings, we thought you should get an early look at these here at HH as well.

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