Akustica Introduces HD Microphone

Today Akustica unveiled the world's first high definition microphone that allows users to experience high definition voice quality in various mobile devices, including laptops. These HD microphones are protected from electromagnetic interference and radio frequencies, reassuring users that they can safely place such devices in close proximity to displays or other sources of interference. Its small form and low profile allows it to be placed in very small devices.
"It is the first digital microphone to guarantee compliance with the TIA-920 audio performance requirement for wideband transmission in applications such as Voiceover-Internet Protocol (VoIP)."

"The surface-mountable Akustica AKU2103 HD Microphone is the first under mount digital microphone to provide a L/R-user select function that allows a single device to be configured as either a left or a right microphone."

It truly is something to call home about.
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