Akasa AK-945D, Samsung 192MP and More

Good evening everyone, welcome back.  I am quickly stopping in while I am waiting for my dinner to finish cooking ;)  I will be more social later on tonight...

 Akasa AK-954D @ Phoronix

"With Intel's LGA775 processors using an entirely re-designed socket, and no longer using the retention frame we had been so accustom to seeing on Socket 478 processors, an entirely new generation of heatsinks come into play. Akasa has recently plunged into this new cooling market, and are now honored to present computer enthusiasts with the AK-954D."

 Samsung 192MP @ Bjorn3D.com

"Does it seem like more and more products are turning into the Swiss Knife of things to you? First it was the printer/fax, then the printer/fax added scanning and copying. Some of them even let you plug in your media cards so you can print you pictures without turning on your PC. Well the company that does this with monitors is Samsung. I looked at the Samsung 172MP here. Well Samsung has evolved the idea of multimedia monitor even more this time."

 Kingston HyperX PC2-5400 DDR2 Memory Review @ Madshrimps

"We take a closer look at Kingston´s DDR2 offering, this 1gb kit is clocked by default at 675Mhz (PC2-5400 / KHX5400D2/512) and will give any DDR2 powered platform quite a boost. Let´s found out how much"

 NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT vs. ATI RADEON X800 Pro Comparison @ RojakPot

"The ATI RADEON X800 Pro or the NVIDIA GeForce 6800GT? Which is the better one? That is the question that is plaguing many gamers who are looking for the next graphics card to buy! PsYkHoTiK explores the capabilities of these two fine pieces of hardware from the two titans that are ATI and NVIDIA in a quest to find out which is the better one for YOU in this classic Clash of the Titans comparison!"

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