"Airwolf" for Auction on eBay

All right, all right, it wasn't the greatest show on TV - and this is just a replica - but still, it's Airwolf! Ernest Borgnine was great as "Santini." Of course, the auction is available only to pre-approved bidders.

A friend invites you over for a BBQ and you ask, how big is your lawn? He asks why and you tell him not to worry about it -- then you land in his front yard in frickin Airwolf and fly away with his girlfriend. Kid getting bullied in school? Pick him up in AIRWOLF and see what happens. If he doesn't get instant street cred, you can always just waste the place with your sidewinder missiles (not included).

Of course, it would take a lot of work to perform any of these heroic acts, because this bird doesn't fly. According the seller, Steve Stull (whoever the hell that is) did the work, and it took him five months to build, using a Bell 222A airframe as a starting point. The 'WOLF was apparently made for a helicopter museum in Georgia that never took off (!), and now all the exhibits are being sold. I wonder if they'll be unloading the chopper from Riptide next ...

OK, for those of you who think they know everything about Airwolf, do you remember Santini's niece in fhe Stringfellow Hawke-less final seson? What did she go on to do?

It was Michelle Scarabelli and she was on ST:TNG in one episode as Data's girlfriend, and she was also George Francisco's wife Susan in Alien Nation (the series).
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