AirServer Brings AirPlay And AirTunes To Your Mac For $2.99

There's no question that Apple's AirPlay has taken wireless multi-media streaming to a new place. Before, that type of streaming was generally reserved for enthusiasts, or those with oodles of money to spend on something as trivial as cutting the cord. But as Apple tends to do, they've taken it mainstream. Now, a lot of applications are popping up to take advantage of AirPlay, and in some cases, push AirPlay well beyond the place that Apple initially inteded.

AirServer is one such application. It's a new app that's just hitting the App Store this month, and it's being called the "most advanced AirPlay/iTunes receiver app on the market." Why deserving of that name? For $2.99, the app let you stream audio, video, photos, and slide shows to your Mac from an iOS device, iTunes, or 3rd party applications, and all future updates and functionality expansion will be free. You can install the service on as many Macs as you'd like, and it feels like a bargain for just three bucks. Hit the Via below if you'd like to give it a whirl.