This Frosty AirJet Storage Enclosure Is Where 64TB Of SSDs Hang Out And Chill

64TB OWC Mercury Pro U2 Dual storage demo
Frore Systems, the company behind the pioneering AirJet solid state cooler, has teamed up with Other World Computing (OWC) to create a new 64TB SSD storage device. The former's silent cooling technology, plus the latter's device-led solutions expertise has precipitated the new 64TB OWC Mercury Pro U.2 Dual storage device.

At the recent Flash Memory Summit 2023, Frore and OWC got together to demo the capacious and cool new storage device. This isn't something you will be slapping in your PC, or dangling from your laptop anytime soon. Rather, as implied by the product name, it is a 3.5-inch U.2 carrier sized form factor enclosure.

64TB OWC Mercury Pro U2 Dual storage device

Inside the 3.5-inch U.2 enclosure are the following key components:
  • OWC's PCB,
  • With four M.2 SSD slots on either side,
  • Featuring eight 8TB drives for a total 64TB capacity,
  • Cooled by eight AirJet Mini solid state coolers,
  • Plus an arrangement of copper heat exchangers and thermal pads.
Frore boasts about the 64TB OWC Mercury Pro U.2 Dual storage device's compact form, capacity, and coolness. It says that without AirJets such a device would be impossible to create at this time. Traditional cooling tech like mechanical fans or large heatsinks would seriously reduce the possible density.

A similar tale is told of the new 64TB device's performance. It runs at a decent but not superlative speed, with "between 2200MB/s to 2600MB/s sustained sequential writes," according to Frore. However, without AirJets this type of storage could face "throttling after only a few seconds of operation," it is asserted. AirJets are also a more affordable alternative to liquid cooling, and their solid state nature should reduce maintenance costs.

It is hinted that the 64TB OWC Mercury Pro U.2 Dual storage device is just the first OWC collaboration. Frore's influential partners in the storage business also include Phison and Sabrent. We have also previously reported on Frore's work with Zotac, for mini-PC cooling.

frore storage partners

The arrival of ever faster and hotter running SSD drives seems to have opened up new opportunities for Frore, which began its AirJet PR blitz by highlighting the product as a natural cooling solution sweet spot for slim laptops.

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