Ageia's PhysX Needs a Killer App

HardOCP has just published an editorial which illustrates the need AGEIA's PhysX hardware has for a killer application. As we referenced in our PhysX launch coverage, we agree with Kyle's perspective that the game developers are the key to this new hardware. Although technology demos are fun to watch and toy around with, at the end of the day we need some great games to ever justify spending $250 or more on a discrete physics card.

Forgetting all the important business components like install base, distribution, technical support, game publisher and developer partnerships.....the list goes on and on. Without a couple of killer apps soon that create their own buzz and solidify a PhysX community, Ageia is simply allowing Red Team and Green Team time to play catch-up. And if Red and Green catch up, I think Ageia's lifetime will be short or soon ripe for the picking.
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