Aerocool Masstige Computer Case, DFI nF4-DAGF Motherboard

The optimization accusations have started again. German tech sites 3D Center, and Computerbase are taking a close look at Nvidia's Anisotropic filtering methods after some recent findings as to how Nvidia implements the technique. Flashbacks of the Nvidia FX days are starting to hit me... ohhh the horror. There's little doubt that Nvidia's currently working on a response, and we'll be sure to bring it to you.

Aerocool Masstige Computer Case @ A True Review | Image

"Currently, there are two major new design trends for computer cases. One trend is to move the motherboard tray from the right side of the case to the left. This, in turn, will make a mounted ATX motherboard upside down as well as make the right side panel the decorative focus instead of the left side panel. The other new trend in computer cases is to have the front of the case entirely modular, having 5.25" drive bays from top to bottom... Aerocool is first company to adopt both design trends into their new computer case, the Masstige."

DFI nF4-DAGF Motherboard Review @ Xtreme Resources

"Today I have a different kind of motherboard from DFI, the nF4-DAGF, which is a very basic motherboard, focusing o­nly o­n delivering the basics and good overclocking capability to the end user at a very aggressive price. Let us see what it can offer to enthusiasts (or want to be enthusiast) that also like to keep the best price/performance ratio possible for their systems."

Leadtek 7800 GTX SLI @ Bjorn3D

"Considering how fast the card is alone, I was very curious how fast it would be in SLI-mode. I've spent one month playing games just to get a feel for what two GeForce 7800 GTX's in SLI-mode can do. For our testing, I used two Leadtek GeForce 7800 GTX cards. This article should give you an idea if it's currently worth going with two GeForce 7800 GTX cards or not."

Gigabyte 6600 256 Mb Turbo Force Video Card review @ Madshrimps

"With the introduction of PCI express only a few high end VGA cards were available, now that we have low/mid range it's time to see how they stack up to their big brothers. The 6600GT is a mid-range card, let's find out if it is worth the asking price. Be prepared, because here comes the Gigabyte 6600 256 Mb Turbo Force !"

Samsung WriteMaster SE-W164 16x16x External DVD Writer @ PCStats

"The Samsung WriteMaster SE-W164 is a USB 2.0 only device and sports a rather impressive maximum writing speed of 16x for single layer DVD media, 8x DVD+R DL burning, and 4x for DVD-R DL burning. That is smoking fast even when compared to today's internal DVD burners."'