Adobe's New Software Splay Delivers Streaming Solutions To iOS

There's been a lot of hubbub recently surrounding Adobe's newest software reveal, and how it related to iOS. Unfortunately, it doesn't add Flash "support" to the iPod touch, iPad or iPhone. Wouldn't that be nice? That said, we are still moving in a positive direction. Adobe Pass, Flash Access 3.0 and Flash Media Server 4.5 were the flagship products being revealed at the International Broadcasters Convention, and yes, they do tie-in to iOS in a few key ways. But those Flash websites? Still unavailable on the world's most popular tablet...

With Flash Media Server 4.5, media publishers can extend their already broad mobile reach via Flash-enabled devices, with the new ability to deliver video content to Apple's iPad and iPhone devices, enabling them to reach the widest audience possible. Adobe Flash Access 3.0, a robust content protection and monetization solution, will enable content owners to deliver on-demand content. But it's just a streaming solution; it's not something that'll change those errors you're seeing. That said, are we inching closer to a future where Flash websites will indeed load on the iPad? One can hope.

According to Adobe: "Delivery to iPad and iPhone enables businesses to use the same media and live streams to deliver full adaptive bit-rate experiences to platforms supporting Flash, as well as Apple devices, including iPad and iPhone." C'mon guys -- can't we just all be friends? 
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