Adobe Unveils Next-Gen HTML5 Tech, Calls It "Edge"

With HTML5 grabbing a massive amount of support right out of the gate (and Flash still not being supported on the world's hottest selling tablet), there was speculation that Adobe would jump onto something new in time. Now, the company is unveiling an early preview of a new HTML5 web motion and interaction design tool. It's called Adobe Edge, and is described as a new HTML5 web motion and interaction design tool that allows web designers to bring animation, similar to that created in Flash Professional.

Because of rapid changes around HTML5, the company is adopting an open development methodology for Adobe Edge and is releasing the software on the Adobe Labs site much earlier than normal in the development process – before it even reaches beta – in order to allow user feedback to help shape the final product. While in public preview, Adobe Edge will be a no-charge download that web designers are encouraged to explore and provide feedback on, to help shape future preview releases. To download the software, visit

The Adobe Edge preview works natively with HTML, and it enables users to add motion to existing HTML documents without hampering design integrity of CSS-based layouts, and it also enables users to easily create visually rich content from scratch, using familiar drawing tools that produce HTML elements styled with CSS3. So, is it time for a "so long" to Flash? 

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