Adobe Boasts 1 Million CC Subscribers, Kicks-off $10/mo Photoshop & Lightroom Promotion

Adobe had much to boast about during its third-quarter earnings call this week, and not surprisingly, much of that revolved around its Creative Cloud service. On that front, the company has said that it's just reached the 1 million subscriber milestone; most notable for the fact that these are not cheap subscriptions, starting out at $20 for a single app license, and $50 for the kit and caboodle.

Despite the initial success, many have wondered if the company's major focus on the cloud would come and bite it down the road, a question that only heightened earlier this month when the company announced its plans to entice more to move over to Photoshop CC. As part of this promotion, any owner of Photoshop CS3 ~ CS6 could move up to CC for $10/mo, and also gain access to Lightroom, Behance and 20GB of cloud storage. All told, that is a heck of a deal. While this promotion wasn't available at the time of that announcement, it is now, so if you want to take advantage, be sure to do so before the end of the year.

At its Adobe Max conference held this past spring, the company showed off Project Mighty and Napoleon - a pen and ruler combo. While these were just an experiment at the time, Adobe has stated that they're now in the pipeline to become real products, thanks to a partnership with Adonit. With the pressure-sensitive pen, you can draw directly on a tablet or display, and beyond that, you can store things in the brush (driven by the cloud), such as brushes, colors and objects that you copy from one device and paste to another. Adobe expects that Mighty and Napoleon (or whatever they'll ultimately be called) will launch in the first half of 2014.

Finally, the company has also acknowledged a new Lightroom release. 5.2 brings support for 19 more cameras, and has added feather control to the Spot Removal tool and smoothness adjustment control to the color noise reduction section of the detail panel. If you're a Lightroom 5 user, expect the app to ping you with an update request soon.