Adobe Backtracks On AI Training Policy Update After Angry Backlash

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Adobe is having to work overdrive in order to contain the fire it started with its customer base concerning the most recent release of the company’s Terms of Use. Users were less than pleased with the included language that made it seem as if anything being worked on using Adobe’s software suite was fair game when it comes to data collection.

Adobe is addressing the furor in a blog post in which the company says that the backlash “has caused us to reflect on the language we use in our Terms, and the opportunity we have to be clearer and address the concerns raised by the community.” It has plans on having a conversation with members of the community before releasing an updated Terms of Use by June 18, 2024.

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In an effort to create more clarity, Adobe tackled several areas of concern brought up by users. First, the company says that content created by customers is theirs alone and will not be used to train AI. Moreover, customers have the option to opt-out of participating in the product improvement program that helps improve features such as masking and background removal. Lastly, customer content stored on a local machine isn’t scanned and content is only scanned when uploaded to the company’s servers.

These terms of service changes will undoubtedly be welcomed by the community, especially as Adobe’s products are vital to how a lot of professionals earn a living. It’s a little baffling that the company thought it could use such broad language in its ToS to begin with, but it’s at least trying to make things right instead of digging in and going full steam ahead with the updated terms that sparked the outrage.