Addonics Just Fixed Your Broken iPod. w00t!

We just caught wind of a couple of new iPod-related accessories from Addonics that we thought you'd all like to see.  The company has just announced two new products that can benefit iPod owners in a few ways.  The first product is a 1.8"ZIF to 2.5" IDE hard drive converter that gives users the ability to connect an iPod hard drive to virtually any PC, as long as it has an IDE port.  If you've got a dead iPod that's still loaded with files, this adapter will allow you to gain access to all of those files that would otherwise be lost.

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The second product is a 1.8" ZIF to Compact Flash (CF) Adapter.  This little tool allows users to connect virtually any Compact Flash card to an iPod's internal connector, in lieu of its original hard drive.  Should you have a hard drive based iPod with a bum HD, this adapter could not only be used to fix it, but to convert it to a more durable flash-based unit as well.

Although Addonics doesn't make any specific mention of this, in their official press release - which is posted below - we suspect these adapters, when used together, could also open up a whole new world to iPod modders.  Cool stuff.

Addonics Announces Accessories That Allow iPod Hard Drives to Attach to any Computer, or Convert iPod Hard Drives to Compact Flash

San Jose, CA (May 13, 2008) – Addonics Technologies today announced a pair of accessories that allows users to easily convert their Apple iPod into a Compact Flash-based player as well as use the Toshiba 1.8-inch iPod hard drive with any computer.

The Addonics Toshiba 1.8"ZIF to 2.5" IDE hard drive connector converter allows iPod owners to connect their iPod hard drive as a regular 2.5" hard drive to other computers. With the choice of a ZIF or original iPod connector, a user who has a defective iPod can also export data off the drive.  It can also be connected to the standard 40 pin IDE cable common found on any desktop computer, server, and most industrial PCs by adding the Addonics 2.5" to 3.5" converter kit.

With the new Addonics converter any Toshiba 1.8-inch hard drive can also become a read only drive by using the standard IDE Write blocker, which makes it an appropriate solution for forensics applications.
List price of the Toshiba 1.8"ZIF to 2.5" IDE hard drive connector converter (AAT18ZIF25) is $17.99 for ZIF iPod hard drives and $14.99 for original hard iPod drives (AAT18IDE25). Addonics iPod accessories are compatible with any operating system that supports IDE storage.

The Perfect iPod Mod – Convert your Hard Drive to Compact Flash
With the Addonics 1.8" ZIF - CF Adapter users can make their iPod more shock resistant and achieve fast throughput by replacing the ZIF hard drive inside their Apple iPod with the fast, reliable, and high speed Compact Flash media.

The adapter (ADZIFCF) supports several types of Compact Flash media including PIO, DMA, UDMA4 for up to a 40MB/s transfer rate. In addition to iPods, the adapter supports any laptop computer or portable device that uses a 1.8-inch ZIF connector. It has a MSRP of $23.99.

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