ADATA Launches New Line of DDR3L ECC Memory for Micro Servers

With an eye towards micro server applications and enterprise cloud computing solutions, ADATA rolled out a brand new line of DDR3L ECC SO-DIMM memory modules featuring low voltage, large densities, and rapid processing capabilities.. There are 1333MHz and 1600MHz kits available in 4GB and 8GB capacities, each of which requires 1.35V, according to ADATA's spec sheet.

"ADATA DDR3L ECC SO-DIMM fully meets the requirements of most high density and energy efficiency micro-servers. They are also the first memory module running at 1.35V that can fully support low voltage CPUs and make the most of processing efficiency and computing density," Jacky Yang, product manager at ADATA, said in a statement. "The entrance of these new Server DIMM modules are evidence of ADATA’s commitment to reduced costs and sustainable operating models for large data centers worldwide."

ADATA points to the growing prominence of micro servers, which have become increasingly popular solutions for large data centers and information service suppliers in the last two and a half years, as the being the motivation behind these kits.. With the combination of low power processors, ADATA believes its new RAM is ideally suited for these applications.