A-DATA Delivers 512GB 2.5" XPG SSD For Notebooks

Stay sharp, Toshiba, as A-DATA's infringing on some of your territory today. Months after Toshiba proclaimed that it would be bringing the world's first 2.5" solid state drive to CES 2009, A-DATA has stepped in at CeBIT 2009 to also suggest that it has launhed the "highest capacity of SSD in the industry." It's product? The 512GB XPG 2.5" SSD. Seems we need some clarification from both parties, no?

Best we can figure, A-DATA is going to be the first to actually have these drives available to consumers and OEMs, but since it doesn't mention a release window in its press clipping, we can't even say that with certainty. As with most SSDs, this one also comes encased in a durable, lightweight aluminum shell designed to withstand bumps and vibration more so than standard HDDs, and it also promises transfer rates up to 230MB/sec (read) and 160MB/sec (write). It also features a SATA II interface and is primed to be a drop-in replacement to that tiny SSD you purchased with your current notebook years ago.

It's a shame that A-DATA didn't grace us with a price, but as with anything that's the "new best," you can rest assured that you'll be paying a hefty premium to have half a terabyte within a single 2.5" SSD.
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