Acer Teases New Windows 8 Notebook with Star Trek Into Darkness As Its Backdrop

It's not entirely uncommon to see a major electronics maker using a major motion picture in order to promote new gear, but this may be one of the stranger mix-ups. Acer and Star Trek: Into Darkness have merged in a new 30 second avertisement that does a fairly good job of enticing viewers to check out both the film and whatever it is that Acer has up its sleeve. Judging by the Windows 8 icon at the end, it's possible that Microsoft is a third party in all of this, further using the new Acer notebook as a way to showcase the more unique abilities of Windows 8.

Judging by the clip, it appears that whatever the machine is, it'll be a laptop when you want it to be, and perhaps a convertible tablet at other times. It's a pretty odd folding mechanism from what we can see, but it's interesting nonetheless. Have a look at the video below; we'll be sure to keep an ear out for more details, a price, and a release date.