Acer Predator Thronos Air Is The Ultimate Gaming Chair With A $14,000 Price Tag

Acer Thronos Air Gaming Chair
There are gaming chairs, and then there is Acer's Predator Thronos Air, a herculean contraption that might be better described as a gaming battle station. Calling it a "chair" is a disservice to the design and functionality—in fact, Acer playfully refers to it as a "sleek gaming cave for hardcore enthusiasts," which sounds accurate to us.

Like something out of a sci-fi movie, the Predator Thronos Air looks like the type of thing future generations will strap into when embarking on a virtual journey. I don't know if I agree with Acer's "sleek" descriptor, but it is definitely wild and...different. It is also a multi-purpose chair.

"The steel structure includes a chair, modular desk, and monitor arm. It envelops the gamer in a comfortable and encasing cockpit, ideal for total and complete battle immersion. Teal blue lighting emits a soft cool glow, perfect for gaming," Acer explains.

Acer Predator Thronos Air Gaming Chair

Not only can you strap yourself into the Predator Thronos Air, it can also accommodate up to three displays. There's no mention of the size limitation, unfortunately. However, the monitor arms can be manually raised and lowered with a handle located below the middle monitor stand, and there is room for a streaming camera, too.

Other features include an adjustable keyboard and mouse tray, a foot rest, and even a massage function "so gamers can relax after intense gaming sessions." Upgrade options are available as well—users can add a seat stabilizer to prevent movement during gaming, cup holder, headset folder, USB hub, and a camera.

Not for the faint of wallet, the Predator Thronos Air will ravage your wallet or purse to the tune of $13,999. That's actually a fair bit cheaper than its predecessor, which ran $19,999.