Acer-Branded Chrome OS Tablet Spotted At BETT Show In London

Acer Chrome OS Tablet

We have seen an influx of Chromebooks in recent weeks, with both Dell and Lenovo launching new models primarily aimed at the education segment. These laptops run Google's cloud-oriented Chrome OS, offering students and teachers a low cost alternative to a Windows machine, but what about tablets? So for no company has released a tablet running Chrome OS. That might change, as one was spotted at the BETT show in London.

Alister Payne, founder and managing director of CloudEd Solutions, a Google Education partner, posted a picture on Twitter of an Acer-brand tablet running Chrome OS.

"Grade 1, 2, 3 look what's coming your way... Not official[ly] released but a Chrome OS tablet," Payne wrote.

The tweet has since been deleted, likely at the request of Google or Acer. But this is the Internet, and once the cat is out of the bag, there is not shoving it back in.

There are no other details, but from the looks of it, Acer's tablet appears to be roughly the size of Apple's iPad mini. From that we can deduce it has an 8-inch display, or thereabouts, with chunky bezels running along all four sides. There is also a front-facing camera that is visible, and Acer's logo stamped prominently on the bottom bezel.

The only other detail available at this time is that it comes with a companion stylus from Staedtler. Overall it is an interesting product, and we are a little surprised it has take this long for Chrome OS to show up on a tablet. As for when it will be officially announced, obviously soon since it is being shown off. Whether it will arrive before Google's I/O event in May, however, is anyone's guess.

Thumbnail and Top Image Source: ChromeUnboxed via Twitter/Alister Payne