Dell Chromebook 5000 Family Brings USB-C And Pen Support To Education Laptops, Convertibles

Google has managed to make serious inroads in the education market thanks to Chrome OS-backed devices from major OEMs. The company has managed to displace long-time favorite Apple as the "go-to" choice for educators due to extremely attractive pricing, and has even drawn the attention of Microsoft. Dell is stepping up its efforts in this market with the launch of the new Chromebook 5000 Series.

The first entry in the series is the Chromebook 5190, which will be available in one of two form-factors: 11-inch laptop or 2-in-1 convertible. These devices also bring USB-C support, which is somewhat of a new addition for Dell Chromebooks, even if most Windows, Mac and Android smartphone users have long become accustomed to the port.

Chromebook 5000 Series

On the processing front, Dell is equipping the Chromebook 5000 series with either dual- or quad-core Intel Celeron processors, while the scratch-resistant display has reinforced hinges. You'll also find spill-resistant keyboards, a reinforced chassis, front-facing camera is optional, and EMR pens are supported for a more natural note-taking experience. However, we have the feeling that pens used in the classroom setting are just asking for trouble -- they will get lost very easily by forgetful students.

The new Dell Chromebooks have been designed to "withstand common accidents that may happen in the classroom." That means that they are robust enough to survive drops from up to four feet, and even 30-inch drops onto a steel floor. If that wasn't enough, the devices can withstand 10,000 so-called "micro drops" from a height of four inches over their lifespan in the classroom (two to four years).

Dell says that the Chromebook 5190 laptop and 2-in-1 convertible will be available starting next month priced from $289.