ABIT Launches AT8 32X Motherboard

 ABIT Launches AT8 32X Motherboard
Unprecedented graphics performance and hardware control

March 1, 2006 – ABIT Computer Corporation, maker of high performance hardware and PC peripherals, is proud to announce the launch of its first ATI CrossFire™ Xpress 3200 motherboard solution. Based on the very latest ATI™ chipset technology, the AT8 32X delivers an unprecedented visual experience and total hardware control. With native support for full-bandwidth 2x16 PCI Express(R) graphics, the ABIT AT8 32X motherboard might just be the answer to all the dual graphics prayers of the ATI™ fans.

In addition to two unrestricted x16 PCI Express(R) lanes that will literally double the potential speeds of your ATI™ graphics solution, the AT8 32X supports all Socket 939 CPUs, including AMD Athlon™ 64/64 FX/64 X2 and Opteron™. An abundance of 100% Japanese capacitors ensure rock solid stability even at the very highest performance levels. ABIT's Silent OTES™ heatpipe technology guarantees a truly silent experience, while ABIT's award winning BIOS and µGuru™ software bring unequalled hardware control to the users.

The ABIT AT8 32X utilizes the full potential of the ATI CrossFire™ Xpress 3200 Northbridge and ULi M1575 Southbridge, and boasts a fully packed feature set. 7.1-Channel Dolby(R) Digital Live is sure to satisfy even the most discerning High Definition audiophiles, and no less than 6 SATAII 3GB/s connectors in Raid 0/1/0+1/5 configurations ensure the highest data security. Gigabit Ethernet and dual FireWire ports give you high-speed transfers between your network computers, DV-cameras and Media Center PCs.


AT8 32X
CPU Support: 939 AMD Athlon™ 64/64FX/64X2, Opteron™, Sempron™
System Bus: 2000MT/s HyperTransport™
Northbridge: ATI CrossFire™ Xpress 3200
Southbridge: ULi M1575
Memory: Up to 8GB Dual-Channel DDR 400/333/266
Graphics: Two PCI Express(R) X16 ATI CrossFire™ Graphics cards
Audio: 7.1-Channel High Definition Dolby(R) Digital Live
LAN: On board 10/100/1000Mbit PCI-E controller
SATAII: 6 x SATAII 3GB/s RAID 0/1/0+1/5
FireWire: 2 x IEEE1394 with up to 400MB/s transfer rates
ABIT Engineered™: Silent OTES™, µGuru™ Software
Compatible Accessories: Guru Clock