A Wii Workout - Flabby Couch Potatoes Get In Fighting Shape

This has to be the most ironic twist to ever come out for the gaming console industry.  And it makes perfect sense when you stop to think about how the folks at Nintendo have utterly nailed this release of their latest console with the most disruptive and groundbreaking innovation this market has seen in years.  Go figure... Now it actually pays to get in shape for video gaming? Believe it. Whether your lunging at volleys and serves or slashing at evil villains, you better start thinking about getting that body by lazy-boy physique into gear.  Or you just may lose your edge, all of it...   

"In Rochester, Minn., Jeremy Scherer and his wife spent three hours playing tennis and bowling, two of the games included with the Wii. Mr. Scherer says he managed to improve his scores -- at the cost of shoulders and back that were still aching the next day. "I was using muscles I hadn't used in a while," says Mr. Scherer, a computer programmer who describes himself as "not very active." Mr. Scherer is vowing nightly "Wii workouts" to get in better shape."

Here's another suggestion too.  Before that nightly Wii Workout, get outside and get a good look at that bright, round, warm thing in the sky.  Tube tans are OK but chicks dig the natural look much more.

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