A Peek Into the Sapphire Toxic X1900 XTX

Geoff Gasior over at the Tech Report took a look at Sapphire's water cooled Toxic X1900 XTX. This all-in-one solution is actually made up of two parts; the video card and waterblock, and the watercooling assembly. They stripped away the sticker covering Sapphire's watercooling assembly to reveal it's guts. What they find is a rather striking contraption that will look great in any mod box.

"They say that some things are better left up to the imagination, but the Toxic's internals are not.

The cooler looks much better naked, where it reveals its radiator, pump, and reservoir in all their glory. We can't believe that someone at Sapphire decided a big, black sticker looked better than this. Considering how easy the sticker was to remove, it's not like it was doing a very good job of protecting design secrets, either."

Just imagine what this beast would look like with the addition of a couple LEDs.  Our take on the card is here as well for your edification.

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