A Look Inside Motorola's Texas Moto X Plant With Google Street View

It’s just a publicity stunt, but like any great publicity stunt, this one is worth buying into: Google used Street View to map out the Moto X factory in Texas, offering a long look at the facility in lovely, full screen glory.

Moto X plant

The plant, which officially launched yesterday, promises that it can crank out up to tens of millions of units every year--which is to say, it’s capable of scaling up production far beyond the 100,000 Moto X’s per week that it’s currently producing--and because there’s never been a smartphone actually manufactured in the U.S., people are watching this plant’s success very closely.

Moto X plant

And if you’re the sort who’s interested in seeing how things are manufactured, this is delicious brain candy. Take a few minutes to zip around the factory floor from above. It very much looks like a place that’s still unpacking itself a bit, and it’s also clear that there’s plenty of room to grow; there’s loads of factory floor space yet unoccupied, and even the office space has room to spare.

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