A Look At Google And NASA’s Quantum Computing And A.I. Lab

Google and NASA have a lot in common, really. Both companies have made marks for themselves by defying logic, and in some ways, making the (seemingly) impossible... possible. Of course, Google has done most of its work on Planet Earth, while NASA has a thing for the outer reaches of space, but that's not stopping the two from working together. Google has just produced and published a video outlining the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab -- a facility built for the advancement of quantum computing.

The lab is in its earliest days at the moment, but the potential here is huge. The video does a solid job of explaining quantum computing and its benefits over traditional physical computing and then showcases a quantum computer. At a very basic, high level, where traditional computers process information in bits and bytes, quantum computation calculates in qubits or a unit of quantum information. The difference is where traditional bits measure things in a 0 or 1 state (or on/off), qubits can exist in a 0, 1 or both states. Savvy? It's pretty deep stuff actually.

And exactly the lab will produce remains to be seen. Have a look, won't you?