A Guide to Only Privacy and Anonymity

I'm sure many of our readers are fully aware of what it takes to maintain a safe level of privacy while using the Internet, but on the other hand, I'm sure there are many of you out there who think having a firewall is all you'll need. Privacy and Anonymity can't just be found in a program, you need to practice it on a daily basis. Don't expose your personal information, unless absolutely necessary. Even printing your full name and address on an internet forum could open up a can of worms if the wrong person were to view it. Keep personal information off public profile sites such as MySpace. These are just a few basic tips, as there are many areas of the internet that allow you to disclose as much about yourself as you want. Before you join the fun though, you should understand the risks and how to protect yourself.

"Apart from the continuous threat of online predators and identity thieves, revealing too much through the internet has many other long term consequences. Consider the following situation. You go to apply for a job and your resume isn't as complete as the possible employer had hoped for. In desperation for a new employee, they perform a few internet searches and see what comes up. If you've never posted your full name on the internet, then you're in the clear. However, let's say that you've been a member of MySpace for a long time."
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