A Fistful of NFORCE 590 SLI Mobos Compared

Our friends at the Tech Report have a 5-board NFORCE 590 SLI motherboard round-up posted today. They cover performance, features, overclocking and even nTune support...

"THE NFORCE 590 SLI is easily the most feature-rich core-logic chipset available for Athlon 64 processors. Nvidia takes feature integration further than any other chipset maker, and that's enabled the company to ensure a measure of consistency between motherboards based on its chipsets. Unfortunately, although core logic consolidation has done wonders for promoting a consistent end user experience, it's also made it increasingly difficult for motherboard manufacturers to differentiate their products."

Boards from Asus, Abit, MSI, DFI, and ECS are all represented.  We'll let the TR tell you which one they liked best.

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