A bump on the road to Windows Vista

I looked at this story and wondered if it was months old.  I mean, at this point, with Windows Vista being released in January, and this story basically addressing whether or not adoption by corporations would be quick - how could it be quick after all these months?   I suppose the reality is that the original prediction for quick adoption was made in comparison with Windows XP adoption in its first year.
In September, Brad Goldberg, general manager for Windows Client product management, predicted that Vista would be put in use by twice as many businesses in the first year as Windows XP was in the 12 months following its October 2001 release.

"IT managers are finding themselves pulling back their initial Windows Vista deployment plans," Forrester analyst Benjamin Gray said in a report issued this week. That said, Forrester notes in the first line of its report that it's not like most businesses are really going to skip over Vista. "For the vast majority of businesses, Windows Vista is a matter of when and how, not if," Gray wrote.
Let's be honest - Vista isn't a great upgrade if you have old hardware.   Nor is there full coverage in the driver or application areas of Vista.  There are still plenty of missing links, and that's going to hold IT back.  That said, this is not likely to Microsoft's finances much, as most new buyers are still going to opt for Vista - though I'm sure they would love more business adoption if they could get it.