Amazon’s 8th Generation Kindle Flagship Coming Next Week Says CEO Jeff Bezos

The last time that Amazon released a flagship Kindle e-reader was way back in October 2014. That is when the online retail giant released the Kindle Voyage to much fanfare. The Kindle Voyage brought with it a redesigned exterior, 6-inch 300pi e-ink display, an ambient light sensor and PagePress navigation with haptic feedback. All of this upgraded hardware came with a relatively high $199 price tag.

Kindle Voyage 00F US Thin
Kindle Voyage

18 months after the launch of the Kindle Voyage, Amazon is now ready to announce its next generation flagship reader. And the confirmation comes from none other than Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who took to Twitter to make the announcement:

Unfortunately, that’s all we have to go on at this point. The all-new moniker likely means that we’re going to see a significant departure from the design of the Kindle Voyage, although we can’t say that with any certainty. What we do hope, however, is that Amazon manages to make it new flagship a bit easier on the wallet. While the Voyage is definitely a fine piece of kit, the $199 is a tough pill to swallow compared to the $119 price tag of the Kindle Paperwhite.

However, we should note that Amazon is currently running a limited-time promotion for Prime members which takes $50 off the price of the Kindle Voyage and $30 off the price of the Kindle Paperwhite, bringing their prices down to $149 and $89 respectively.

Although e-readers aren’t exactly hot commodities in the consumer electronics space like smartphones or even tablets, it’s nice to see that Amazon is at least still making advances in the category.