80 Cores in 5 Years says Intel

Intel has pledged to have a CPU with 80 cores on it within 5 years and has a prototype to prove it.  Intel showed off the CPU wafer at IDF which contains 80 teraflop chips which reportedly can process 1 trillion floating point operations per second.  Now Moore's Law states that the number of transistors that can fit on a single IC will double every 18 months.  This kind of a claim from Intel would most certainly test the boundaries and limits of that theory.

CEO Paul Otellini held up a silicon wafer with the prototype chips before several thousand attendees at the Intel Developer Forum here on Tuesday. The chips are capable of exchanging data at a terabyte a second, Otellini said during a keynote speech. The company hopes to have these chips ready for commercial production within a five-year window.

Additional information on this can be found over at EETimes.

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