64 Bit Far Cry, ATI Multi-VPU Details, and more!

Good afternoon folks! Ok, first thing that caught my eye when sifting through the reviews and spam in my box... 64 Bit Far Cry! The 64 Bit version of Far Cry is now available, and of course to use it you need Windows XP 64, and a AMD64 CPU. What's really interesting though, is they've added extra content and given the engine a bit of an upgrade which improves the already amazing visuals. Click here for the patch if you meet the requirements.

Far Cry 64 Bit benchmarks and 32 bit comparison @ AMD Zone

"We first set out sites on a 64 bit version of Far Cry back in February at our Texas Gaming Festival Winter 2004 event. AMD was on hand showing off the game before it was officially released. It has been over a year, and finally with the Windows XP 64 release coming last month, we finally have another Windows 64 bit game to add to Chronicles of Riddick and Shadow Ops: Red Mercury Rising to add to our extensive 64 bit gaming tests we have doing since April of last year."

Asus P5ND2-SLI nForce4 Intel Edition @ PC Perspective

"As we have seen a couple of times before, the Asus P5ND2-SLI motherboard is the first one out of the gate with a new chipset and it still manages to improve on the motherboards performance over the reference platform. The latest BIOS we received allowed up to keep the memory timings at or below the recommended settings from NVIDIA and Corsair to take full advantage of the low latency memory technologies in NVIDIA C19 chipset."

Further Details Revealed about ATI's Multi-VPU Technology @ CoolTechZone

"The source further revealed that ATI's Multi-VPU technology would be superior to NVIDIA's SLI, as it will not be limited to two of the same graphics adapters from the same manufacturer to ensure compatibility. ATI's Multi-VPU technology will not be limited to this criterion, so you can have a card from Sapphire and another one from Powercolor and both will function perfectly fine in a Multi-VPU setup."

MSI NX6600GT-TD128E @ Viperlair

"MSI has put out a very good product with their NX6600GT. It looks good with the red PCB and the MSI standard gold heatsink. The cards performed flawlessly through a barrage of tests with absolutely no hiccups, and I've been using them for tons of games for hours in my main machine for at least a good month."

Abit Fatal1ty AN8 @ t-break

"We must say that the AN8 is a great looking board. The red color that Abit has chosen for the PCB certainly looks very nice with the black and red slots and connectors but Abit doesn't stop there. The flip side of the board- especially the bottom edge has red LEDs along with the fans on the back panel which are also lighted red."

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